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PUB Performing Arts Summer Academy is a student ran theater production overseen by a highly esteemed team of teachers to guarantee that each Scholar reaches his/ her greatest potential. Various art forms are combined to expose scholars to visual arts, music, drama, dance, media arts and spoken word.

Each scholar has been integrally involved in theme-development, writing, composing, choreography and production. Scholars are exposed to cooperative learning, collaboration, and discipline, all vital to real life skills that our scholars will need to become successful and productive adults. 

Mr. Greg Dokes

Music Director, Composer, Arranger, Educator, Pianist Extraordinaire and arguably PUB’s most favorite music teacher of all times.! 
No matter where in the world Mr. Dokes traveled, he  stayed very committed to the  Oakland University Project Upward Bound (PUB) College Prep Academy because of his special love for our scholars.

Over a span of 10 years, he dedicated time for the music program and helped our students reach their full potential. In 2005, he brought on his wife, Mrs. Gwen Foxx-Dokes who serves as Performing Arts Director/ Coordinator and son, Mr. Raphael Foxx-Dokes as Drama I Instructor, to help expand PUB’s Performing Arts department.

This same year, PUB reached a new audience with the front page Oakland County news article acknowledging “The Wiz” play. His work has changed many lives by always encouraging the artistic foundation in young children.

Mr. Dokes made a remarkable impact on the music industry, and has performed with many multi-platinum artists around the world. He is most known for serving as the Music Director / Pianist to his own groups Empulse and Back2Back, The  Temptations, The Four Tops and toured with Snoop Dogg and Warren G. to name a few!

Mr. Dokes passed away in August of 2012 after fighting a battle with cancer. Although he is not physically with us, his contributions will never be forgotten. In 2013, the Oakland University Project Upward Bound “Gregory Dokes Performing Arts’ award was developed in honor of his music legacy. 

The Greg Dokes Performing Arts Award 

We will select up to 2 recipients who are currently enrolled in the Oakland University’s Project Upward Bound College Prep Academy.

To qualify for the “Gregory Dokes Performing Arts” award, students must have a passion for Performing Arts and meet the following requirements:  

* Recipients must have a GPA of 3.80 or higher in PUB Performing Arts. 
* Recipients must have perfect attendance while attending the PUB Performing Arts Summer Academy 
* Recipients must have demonstrated outstanding leadership skills and have a record of consistent class participation.


Course Description 

This course is designed to enrich the students exposure and fundamental understanding of the fine and performing arts. Students will participate in a physical and or virtual production/performance to depict the theme of each year’s summer academy. 

Some years the script will be a customized version of a professional play. Other years the scripts are written by the scholars themselves.  

The main goal of the course is to allow scholars to explore the arts and participate in drama production which will deepen their understanding and application of the summer academy theme.  


Drama I /Acting:

This group of scholars will learn the skills of character acting, improve acting, voice, pronunciation, enunciation, and alliteration. They will represent the story plot to the audience.


Drama II /Production

This group of scholars will provide the backdrop of the set, allowing the audience to further sense the context of the story. In addition to set design, this group serves as stage techs for set-up and tear-down / load-in and load-out.



During the years when the scholars compose the play themselves, the writers will develop the entire story. They will serve as the initiator for all other groups. Their role will be to develop a storyline and characters which will be applicable to the theme of each summer academy. 



This group will learn the fine art of dance so as to depict the scenes in a way that artistically depicts the storyline. Athleticism will be built in the students, allowing them to perform their dance as a set series of movements to sound. 


In addition to the dancers, the musicians will enhance the audience’s experience by providing the sounds which enhances the atmosphere as called for by the scripts. They will work with the writers and follow the script closely.

Media Arts:  

Scholars use cell phones, lap tops, computers/digital arts, photography, video and green screen to creatively express their new and innovative ideas meeting today’s high tech demand.

Language Arts /Spoken Word:

Scholars will use words to provoke a reaction from the audience that will broaden the experience and leave a robust impact.

Project Upward Bound Director:  

Ms. Geraldine Graham  


Project Upward Bound Academic Coordinator:

Mrs. Ava McDowell


Music Teacher: 

Mr. Dennis Lee Sr.

Mr. Abhay Sinh Rathwa 


Performing Arts Academic Coordinator/ Drama II Teacher

Ms. Renee Blunt 


Language Arts/Spoken Word:    

Ms. Kim Landess 


Production  Director/Acting Coach:    

Mr. Raphael Foxx


Dance Teacher/Choreographer:  

 Ms. Jenna Williams 


Performing Arts Director /Coordinator:

Mrs. Gwen Foxx-Dokes 



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