Musicians and Entertainers are some of the many people experiencing hardship due to COVID -19.
Gwen Foxx Entertainment Inc. is committed to assisting and advocating for Artist during these challenging times. Your Donations Are Extremely Important and Appreciated. 

We Thank You For Your Continued And Unwavering Support To Gwen Foxx Entertainment Inc. 501c (3) Non Profit Organization.

All donations are tax deductible 

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Gwen Foxx Entertainment Incorporated 


Our mission is to provide education, resources and opportunities for Artist of all art forms.

Our purpose is to give artist a platform to develop and showcase their talents via a charitable manner as outlines in section 501 c (3) of the Internal Revenue code. 


Our goal is to bridge the gap between communities and the arts, spread the power of comradery amongst Artist of all art forms.
Furthering our goal, assist with educational scholarships and implement solutions to environmental crisis through synergy and music education.


Our vision is to inspire healthy dialogue within communities by connecting people to real music and real musicians — some young people have never experienced seeing musicians play real instruments on a professional level. 

Gwen Foxx Entertainment Inc. is committed to assisting and advocating for all Performing Artist!